Hearing aid devices are available in a wide range of varieties at Hearing Plus - a reputable clinic in India which treats hearing impaired persons. Hearing aid devices vary based on design (Behind-the-ear or BTE, mini-BTE, In-the-ear or ITE, In-the-canal or ITC, Completely-in-the-canal or CIC, Invisible-in-canal or IIC), technology used (analog and digital), features (directional microphone, direct audio input, T-coil, feedback suppression) and lifestyle of the patient. Hearing Plus also provides other services as well, like diagnostic tests, hearing aid trial and fitting and several therapie
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Makrocare provides customer with centralized, coordinated data management services for local and international clinical studies.MakroCare Services cover activities ranging from case report form (CRF) and database design to database lock and report submission.