Printers, like most machines, require proper care and maintenance for optimal performance. Sometimes, though, a tricky problem may pop up. Some issues will be specific to either inkjet or laser, but others will be common to all types of printers. It’s also important to realize that more complex problems may need the expertise of professionals, so make sure you’re confident before opening up your printer. Most of these tips will work for PC systems, but diagnosing issues on Apple machines can be done via the HP Support Center.

First, check the basics
If your printer isn’t printing, check the two-Ps and a C: paper, power and connection. Make sure the printer has paper, that it’s plugged in and that it’s connected, either by cable or wirelessly to your computer.

If the printer is out of ink or toner, follow the specific model’s instructions on how to replace it. You can find the instructions online by searching for your printer model at http://support.hp.com/us-en/products/printers/.

Visit the doctor
HP has developed free downloadable tools to help you resolve common printer problems. One of the most useful is the HP Print and Scan Doctor. The Print and Scan Doctor quickly and automatically performs several troubleshooting tasks known to resolve common issues. The doctor is only available for Windows operating systems; for Mac OS X and other operating systems, the HP Support Center should be your first stop to help diagnose errors.

Paper Jams
Paper jams annoying and they will occur occasionally, but if your printer is jamming more often than it should, there are a few simple ways to reduce or eliminate the issue.



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