Vitrification is a process that eliminates the risk of egg & embryo damage, vitrification ensures the cryo-preservation of healthy embryos & used later.
Blastocyst culture & transfer is a fertility treatment, increases the pregnancy chances,an embryo has grown in laboratory at a week after fertilization.
Counseling for infertility is to understand and resolve issues arising from infertility & to clarify ways of dealing with the problem more effectively.
Premarital screening is a test, in which couples that are going to be married & tested for genetic ,infection & blood transmitted diseases
Individual fertility assessment and pro-fertility counselling; should this be offered to women and men of reproductive age
PGS is a testing technique to recognize the genetic defects in embryos during a IVF cycle to detect a genetic alteration to conceive a healthy pregnancy.
Endometrial Receptivity Array, ERA is a diagnostic process to diagnose the women's endometrial receptivity status, to obtain a successfully embryo implant.
Embryoscope is an IVF procedure, a fertility specialist to monitor the cycle of embryo development, increase the chances of pregnancy.Visit our Clinic